Funding Updates

On the 26th of January, African Parks was awarded an extra €2.6 million by the Dutch Postcode Lottery at their annual gala. The funding will go towards the restoration of Liwonde and Nkhotakota, including the remarkable translocation of 500 elephants from Liwonde and Majete to Nkhotakota, in Malawi. The first phase of this project will begin in July and August of this year where we’ll be moving the first 250 elephants. Both Liwonde and Majete have more elephants than the available habitat can support while Nkhotakota is devoid of wildlife and is currently being primed to be restocked.

Mother and calf at Liwonde National Park Malawi

Liwonde National Park, © Mike Dexter

Dutch Stichting Dioraphte awarded us €595,000 towards the development of Nkhotakota. This funding will be used for infrastructure, law enforcement, park management, operations and the construction of the sanctuary.

We were also awarded an extra £125,000 by the People’s Postcode Lottery of the UK at their annual gala just two nights later on the 28th of January, to support the reintroduction of the black rhino to Akagera in Rwanda. Due to rampant poaching, the last black rhino was seen in the park in 2007. We plan on moving an ideal founder population of 20 rhino to the park before the end of year. It was an extraordinary week for us, and we are pleased to have the ability to ensure these needed projects are realized.